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I Want My Unsatisfied Customers to Complain




Most people do not want to hear complaints.

But one of the keys to providing excellent customer service is the ability and willingness to seek out your customers’ feedback.

The best providers of customer service know that a customer complaint is like liquid gold. They use comments from unsatisfied customers to help improve the quality of their products and services.

How can you fix a problem with your product or service if you don’t get feedback from your customer?

Do you invite feedback from your unsatisfied customers?

What do you do when you hear from an unsatisfied customer?

Create a Memory



A few years back I learned an important lesson in parenting.

I discovered that much of our life is based on reliving fond memories.

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child (or children) is to take the extra step to create fond memories for them. Set aside an afternoon and share a special event with them. They will treasure it for lifetime.

An emotional experience becomes a long lasting memory.

This is also true of business owners. If you want your customers to remember you when they are in the market to buy your product/service then you can help make this happen by intentionally creating pleasant memories for your customers.

If your customers have fond memories of using your product/service then they will be more likely to come back to you and more likely to refer more business to you.

Is there something you can to do to help create a memory for your customers?

The Unexamined Business…


To survive in this fast changing world and in this crazy economy, you must examine your business on a regular basis.

Things that worked yesterday may not be working today.

Do you know what is and is NOT working in your business today?

To survive you have to adapt to the changing economy.

Are you prepared to make the necessary changes?

Do you know what changes you need to make?