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Your Hero’s Journey

I find that the questions we ask paint the thoughts we have, which influence the actions we take.  Also the questions I ask have an impact on how I see the world.

So to help me see my life differently and to help me take better action, I try to ask better questions of myself and others.

For example, lets look at your life as if it were a Hero’s Journey. Which in fact it is.

If you look at your life as if it’s a Hero’s Journey, what are you questing for?

What is the biggest and scariest quest that life has invited you to go on?

Did you accept that invitation to that quest?

Why or why not?

Who are your allies?

Who or what is your biggest adversary? Who/What are the giants blocking your way?

Who is your mentor (your wizard or Merlin or guide or advisor)?

What is keeping you from completing your quest today?

Are you doing everything you can to succeed in this your quest?

Does the quest you are currently on give your life a deeper sense of meaning and purpose?

Are you excited to be on this quest?

What are you willing to sacrifice to complete your quest?

What will your life be like when you complete your quest?