Tax Quote: I Like to Pay Taxes. With them…


Tax Quote: I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.


Discover how to legally, morally, and ethically reduce your taxes.

If you own your own business (even a small home based business) or if you’re an Independent Contractor, Sandy’s program will help you save hundreds… even thousands of dollars each year.

I love Sandy Botkin’s Tax Strategy program. Before I started using it, I felt clueless and frustrated. I was never certain of what I could and could not do regarding my taxes and deductions. Now I know for certain. Now I know exactly what I can and cannot do regarding my taxes and deductions. I still hate doing my taxes but now I am no longer clueless and frustrated.

Here is an outline of what you will learn in Sandy Botkin’s Tax Strategy program for USA:

  • Learn how to potentially deduct most of your fun such as movies, plays, and season tickets.
  • Learn how to potentially deduct golf, balls, clubs and lessons.
  • Learn how to potentially deduct all parties in your home.
  • Learn how to potentially bullet-proof all your entertainment from any IRS or state audit!
  • Learn how to potentially deduct any vacation anywhere in the world by combining the trip with business.
  • Discover the secret as to why IRS doesn’t require receipts for under $75 per item!
  • Find out how to potentially deduct all dry cleaning and laundry and even the cost of clothing itself!
  • Learn how to potentially bullet proof all travel from even the toughest IRS scrutiny.
  • Discover a little known secret (that is used by the super rich) to potentially deduct the equivalent of your children’s weddings and education including law school and medical school- No kidding!!
  • Find out how to potentially get around all those IRA limits so that you can set up an IRA regardless of income.
  • Discover the secrets on potentially deducting the equivalent of all your kids braces, all dental, all mileage to and from the doctor, all deductibles, all eye glasses and contact lenses.
  • Learn how to potentially deduct two or even the cost of three or more cars in your business.
  • Find out how to really bullet-proof your automobile deductions.
  • Learn when to avoid leasing a car.
  • Learn the mistake that over 90% of business people make that cost over $5,000 per year in lost automobile deductions. This one is a killer!
  • Learn the biggest secret that most investors miss that would cut your capital gains taxes in half!! This one strategy will pay for the entire system alone!
  • Learn how to legally take a home-office deduction and yet potentially reduce your chances of an audit.
  • Learn the secrets of what to do if you get audited and eight strategies on how to actually reduce your chances of being audited.
  • Learn about the potential pros and cons of incorporating and about the various types of business entities that are available to you.
  • Discover the real secrets on how to structure any activity as a business and not like a hobby. Learn what is required to show that you have an “honest expectation of profit.”
  • Learn how to potentially convert charitable contributions to become business deductions.
  • Learn why it is vital to run all businesses with an honest expectation of profit, and understand the real secret of deductibility for many expenses: your expenses must be ordinary, necessary and reasonable for that business. You will learn what it takes to meet these tests and what these tests mean to your business.

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